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The work AV 60′ is composed of four parts. The first part is devoted to history and tradition, the elements which influenced and shaped an individual even before s/he was born. The historic and contemporary magazine pictures are used in the forms relating to figurative abstraction. The quotations from the history of experimental cinema set the context – the identity of a particular work, of the artist, of the area in which the contemporary video art is to be found. As far as I’m concerned, history determines the present day but fails to determine our actions, choices and goals. Sometimes it is even an obstacle, a challenging task to be faced and carried out. First, however, it has to be analyzed bit by bit, deconstructed frame by frame, quote by quote and traced back to its sources. The second part of the work is concerned with a subject. It is a search for the subject in its purest form, somewhere in the deepest recesses of our soul. For it is our inner life, still untouched by the everyday humdrum, that becomes a shelter for the precious abstract images. That’s the only suitable place to start a meditation on the beginnings of life. Hence, we journey through the single-celled organisms, embryos, fetuses, snatches of memories, premonitions and primal ideas. Such images of fetal life do also symbolize the birth of digital video as the medium of exploring astral, imaginary inner spaces. What unites the third part with the remaining ones, is the element of water, birth and purification. Washed by the ancient symbol of life, death and chaos, we enter the outside world. Having left the mystic contexts and been reborn, we set to analyze our environment and develop an identity in response to it. We start wondering how the environment influences us – the living part of IT network. To what extent do we retain, disseminate and decode information? How do we come to terms with the world which is so difficult to understand? The last part is a reflection on the power of love in relation to sacrifice and identification with other man. It leads us to the hermaphroditic unity, which was once shattered and later restored by the notion of love. It was deconstructed to the form of an eye and that of a point in which the skylines meet. HE as defined by I or I as defined by HE – the two points that are one and bring the whole world down to a single source of love.


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