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The media images make us pay attention to the aesthetic values rather than reality presented. The work TELE-PRESENCE is a video installation, which can also be used as a background visualization in a concert. As a music video by the rock group CHROBOT [The Scrape], the work is an attempt at mixing pop-art aesthetics with the emotionally charged photos of war atrocities. What I want to focus on, is the ruthlessness of the media culture, whose original aim was to deter people from war through the faithful representation of its cruelties. What we got instead, is the deceitful convention of the Olympics; the estheticization of violence. The media are now becoming a pliant tool in the blood-stained hands of war, a source of manipulation and falsehood. The esthetics of war veils war’s brutality and justifies its violence. The omnipresent images of war, desensitize us. They are nicely enclosed in the frames of colourful pictures – we watch them, not the other way round. We see – we are at the advantage. We are compassionate – but would never swap places with them. We are glad to stay beyond the reach of war, far away from its victims. Whenever the painful experience of war approaches us, we manage to escape by distorting the truth, just like the American firms keeping cooperation with the Nazis, despite seeing the pictures of concentration camps – the evident proof of the Nazi extermination policy. Today, the Polish soldiers are in Iraq. It is our business. After all, these are the Polish boys fighting there. At the same time, however, we live normal lives. We go to the parties, ponder on the problem of massive unemployment and low wages. Wouldn’t we like to have something from this war? Thanks to the media images of occupation our feelings are purged – a brave Iraqi is an artificial media concept, our soldiers must be good for the locals after all. Surely, a film about Polish-Iraqi great love affair will soon be made – no kids involved, only unfulfilled desires and failed hopes in their hearts forever.



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