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The collection of selected works is a reconnaissance, a reinvention of the usual, well-established conventions and characteristics shared by Michał Brzeziński’s artistic and theoretical work. The films made in 2001-2007 reflect various aspects of artistic activity in the areas delineated by Brzeziński’s terminology. The collection also enriches the theory of video image with mise en page category, which constitutes a kind of superordinate paradigm in the intermedia. The language of the new media is the video discourse. It takes on the shape of new interfaces and opens up to the new possibilities offered by interactivity. The collection becomes a comment on the role of the author in a modern work of art.
In MNEMOSYNE the non-standard use of the computer effects adds to the film’s uniqueness. The authorship of the effects, similarly to the authorship of the sarcophagus – the central theme of the film, remains unknown. Other films, such as LANDSCHAFT AND POLISH INTERESTS are standard recordings, where both the camera and filmed situation are in the author’s position. The works employing conventions of found footage, such as MEMORY, PASSION AND AV, comprise of 25 frames per second which, at the same time, constitute 25 separate shots. The materials have been taken mainly from the Internet and it is the common place of origin that unites them. In the first work the images are to resemble the content of TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES folder, in the second project, they are a list of GOOGLE search result for the query “passion”, and in the third one, mobile phone pictures mix with the Internet images, at the same time combining two types of discourse: the private and the public one and creating their own artistic system. The film investigates the relationship between the public and private media spheres. Thanks to that, project MEMORY becomes a kind of a reminiscence of memories uprooted from their original context. It turns into a reconstruction of an individual’s memory which is coupled with that of a machine – a metaphor of human mind and a technological representation of the subject. The second work is a narrative created by a machine – the video subject which answers artist’s questions. The film resembles a sequence of GOOGLE search results. The third film is based on cooperation between the artist and the machine. It investigates spatial relations in an audiovisual message and, being based on a plastic gesture, creates random arrangements of meanings.


memory, passion, pain

landscape and polish interests, rise




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