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Michał Brzeziński’s original project

The idea behind the workshops “IMAGE RECYLING – FEEDBACK” is the development of creativity and artistic skills as well as contemplation of our environment. Feedback occurs when camera lens is directed at the screen on which all that this particular camera captures is displayed. It is probably the oldest video-art technique. The aim of the workshops is to draw people’s attention to the fact that we live in the three supplementary environments. The first one includes city, culture and civilization which act according to their own rules and aesthetic values. The second environment is created by the nature of which all takes its beginning and to which all returns in the end. The third environmental space is occupied by the media – an alternative to the nature and reality. The workshops should help to notice the co-existence and mutuality of these environments and provoke reflection on the extent to which man is affected by them. The images retracted from these environments are recycling the resounding echoes of the information noise. Today, we tend to believe that an image which was looked at is a useless image. We are only interested in immaculate images – the ones that were not examined, or are dynamic enough to change their form and meaning depending on the context. However, images draw their power from repeatability e.g. during an advertising or election campaign. The recycling of images occurs through the change of their context. The workshops develop creative approach to the audiovisual material to be found in our immediate environment.

Each day of the workshops is divided into three parts:

film shows and lectures – inspirations

group work – collecting images

editing – recycling images



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