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The media images make it what we shall cease to have meaning, and begins to count only the aesthetic value of the image. TELE PRESENCE, in convention of music video clip for the music band Chrobot (existing occasionaly), is an attempt to combine the aesthetics of pop-art charged with photos extreme emotions – related to the war and its victims. From this tension arises another perspective in the universal dialogue of truth in the image. I want to show the ruthlessness of media culture, which naively was thought as photojournalist: when people see the tragedies of war, they want to end the suffer – they will start to sympathize with the victims. Instead, we reach the Olympics effect and estheticization of violence. Media are becoming the modern tool of war.

The combination of artistic tactics, as pop-art, or collage, with the aesthetic of reportage and images of war, causes the voltage inducing an individual to seek answers to a significant dilemma, once considered a closed chapter. In fact, it was only disposed of by the extended to the whole area of photography and the entire video image as a narrative theories. Narration in this sense contradicts the truth. The presence of images of war in society, on television and the Internet makes us less sensitive to the pain of others, while we agree for the greater effort. To maintain its edge of civilization – created thanks to this way of war, which justifies the displayed image. Close it in the framework. It is we see them – and they are not us. We see – we have power. Sympathize, but we will give everything to not be in their place. We are pleased that they are far away, the war takes place outside our home. When the experience of war is too strong for us, we invoke the theory of narrative and blurring the truth, as the American companies collaborating with the Nazis, even when they know photography coming from a Polish messengers with images of death camps. Today, the soldiers in Iraq – and in fact, Iraq is our business – our history, and our here and now. That we’re fighting there when we are watching this video, and we are involved, and we do not think at the same time, we play, we have the problem of unemployment, low wages, so we want ‘something ponder on the occupation of tose images, Iraq is country in which nobody believes. At the same time seeing the pictures from the war are living purged – that brave Iraqis are the product of the media, and our soldiers must be good for the locals, as occupiers of Iraq.

10 V 2007 – Jazzga, Łódź – projekcja wideo TELE-OBECNOŚĆ i koncert zespołu CHROBOT


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