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February 25, 2009

CologneOFF – Cologne Online Film Festival

is proud to announce the screening of the latest festival edition
CologneOFF IV – Here We Are!
on CeC – Carnival of e-Creativity
Sattal/Uttarakhand (India)
27 February – 1 March 2009

albo to:

CologneOFF on Iceland and Morocco

February 5, 2009 at 6:03 pm · Filed under News

A selection from CologneOFF IV – Here We Are! will be screened on 700IS Reindeerland Film and Video Festival, Iceland, 21-28 March 2009.

On invitation of the Goethe Institute Rabat/Casablanca (Morocco) and FAN – Video und New Media Art Festival Casablanca/Morrocco – 2-5 April 2009,
Agricola de Cologne will present personally another selection form CologneOFF IV as part of the festival, as well as he will hold a workshop on creating a new media art network.

oto zaginiona lista:

“Etude” by Dario Bardic (2007, 3:20, Croatia)
“JOINED AT THE HEAD” by David Jakubovic (2008, 4:40, USA)
“The Occidentialist” by Daniel Slåttnes (2007, 1:18, Norway)
“Meeting Florchen Gordon” by Grace Schwindt (2008, 4:29, UK)
“J.F.’s Toolbox” by Virginie Foloppe (2004, 5:50 France)
“Foreigner-Straniero” by Giuseppe Girardi (2008, 6:56, Italy)
“El Camino-The Way” by Felipe Matilla Alonso (2008, 12:00, Spain)
“Africa” by Ane Lan (2007, 4:34, Norway)
“Fashion Death” by Daniel Rodrigo (2007, 4:53, Spain)
“Spaghetti” by Carla Della Beffa (2007, 2:42, Italy)
“Anatolia” by Sinasi Günes (2006, 2:18, Turkey)
“Switch” by Yu Cheng Yu (2008, 4:32, Taiwan)
“A Growing White Stone” by Shoko Toda (2008, 14:34, Japan)
“Dear Neighbour” by Christian Bermudez (2006, 7:00, Costa Rica)
“Is Fighting Our Machine” by Liu Wei (2003, 4:10, China)
“Eungyung – I have always been a foreigner” by Maria Ylikoski (2008, 11:15, Finland)
“N.Orleans” by Julio Velaso (2008, 5:20, Colombia)
“Opened” by Jay Needham (2006/2007, 5:00, USA)
“Coagulate” by Mihai Grecu (2008, 5:56, Romania)
“Testimony” by Nhieu Do (2008, 7:12, USA)
“Scalable City New Trailer” by Sheldon Brown (2008, 4:00, USA)
“Undisclosed Beauty” by Anders Weberg (2008, 3:13, Sweden)
“Tin Can Crowns” by Mikael Prey aka Fetish23 (2007, 12:00, Sweden)
“Suspect” by Magsamen + Hillerbrand (2008, 3:30, USA)
“Nocturne” by Bill Domonkos (2006, 4:43, USA)
“Rise” by Michal Brzezinski (2006, 2:03, Poland)
“Who is Miri Nishri” by Miri Nishri (2008, 14:00, Israel)
“A journey through the South-Sami Lappish country” by Linda Persson encounter with Sami tales and Yoiks” (2008, 14:47, Sweden)
“Test Phantom” by Robin Kiteley (2007, 5:03, UK)
“Beautiful Landscape” by Pietro Mele (2006, 1:46, Italy)
“LevitateⅣ-Tomato Juice” by Yu Chung-I (2005, 1:47, Taiwan)
“Interception” by Roch Forowicz (2007, 11:33, Poland)
“Abarodh (The Confinement)” by Swakkhyar Deka (2008, 14:37, India)
“Displaced Treshold” by Brad Schwede (2008, 7:19, Australia)
“Reigning Cats and Dogs” by Michael Fortune (2007, 15:00, Ireland)


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