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NERV.O – International Video Art Screening

8th May 2010 – 21h45 – Adães Bermudes Building – Alcobaça
15th May 2010 – 21h00 – Alcoa and Baça River Join Park – Alcobaça

NERV.O – International Video Art Screening

With an international line up of 12 major works of great artistic and aesthetical level, one of the show’s basic elements is a cadenced rate essentially interpretative of the living body on the edge of the indulgent life. A nervous video art – of vertigo and of risk – guided by moments of great visual beauty balanced by experiences of conceptual intensity. Among the key inputs evoked are some of the basic dichotomies of the human condition: day / night; space / time; present / absent; utopia / real; power / submission; alienation/ reason; freedom / incarceration; beginning / end.

Jorge Sousa (PT) – Encontros: 02:08
Sebastien Loghman (FR) – Bug: 00:30
Michal Brzezinski (PL) – Walking: 05:51
Ricardo Nascimento (BR) – Autrmx: 05.24
Joana Simões (PT) – Obsessions # 2: 01:46
Danny Germansen (DN) – Alienation and Loneliness: 01:59
Sara Rocio (PT) – Vende-se: 01:42
Helena Garcia (PT) – Rear Drawing: 01:22
Jean-Julien Pous (FR) – Drift Away: 05:21
Rodrigo Miragaia (PT) – Subliminar: 03:18
Tim White Sobieski (EUA) – Closer to Fall: 4:10
Andreia Nóbrega (PT) – Via Irredutível: 04:07

Curator: Alberto Guerreiro


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