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Hackdays – August 18th till 21st, in the Grohman Villa, ul. Tylna 9 / 11, Łódź.


Welcome to Hackdays, a four-day encounter of art and new technologies,
August 18th till 21st, in the Grohman Villa, ul. Tylna 9 / 11, Łódź.

From Thursday till Saturday 19 presentations will be held, concerning,
among others: photography, animation, processing, augmented reality,
music, IOS, Arduino, and  3D graphics. On Saturday and Sunday three
additional workshops are scheduled, hosted by: Motivapps, Marcin Ignac
(Copenhagen Institute of InteractionDesign), panGenerator and Paweł Cyrta.
The organizers will also present Video Mapping (with the use of a computer
and a projector, thefacade of the Grohman Villa will be given a new
life), Laser Tagging
(laser will be used instead of spray cans, to create an interactive
graffiti on one of the walls – everyone is invited to try it out by
himself) and a device of their own construction, called Flylight
Display – a screen made of 64 helium-filled balloons with an LED in
each one of them and some three kilometers of cable. On Friday and
Saturday concerts will take place – first with a multidimensional
audiovisual instrument called “Docecaudion” – a panGenerator project.
Later, a promising one-man-show by NONSTATE, devoted to
“electro-acoustic ambient” and two DJ-parties. Paweł Tryzno from the
Book Art Museum will also present a spherical screen for stereoscopic
image display, and Przemek Jaworski will show his interactive table.

Thursday, 18.08
18.00 – presentations, or short 20 minute-lectures (+ 10 additional
minutes for questions) begin.
Speakers: Łukasz Mróz, Marek Domański, Michał
, Paweł Olszewski and Paweł Tryzno.
20.00 – spherical screen presentation by Paweł Tryzno, the
participants will be able to test this unusual structure.

Friday, 19.08
Starting from 12.00, you are invited to join the Open Coworking Day.
The simple idea has been tested many times by the organizers – working
in a group usually proves more effective.
16.00 – interactive table presentation by Przemek Jaworski.
From 18.00 to 21.00 – second presentation round. Speakers: Agata
Jałosińska, Krzysztof Wacławek, Przemysław Jaworski, Andrew Hyde,
Tomasz Bednarz and PanGenerator Group, including Jakub Koźniewski,
Piotrek Barszczewski and Krzysztof Cybulski.
21.00 – 21.15 – “Dodecaudion”
23.00 – Laser Tagging, around 22.30 the DJ comes onstage.

Saturday, 20.08
11.00 – 18.00 – workshops.
Speakers: Motiveapps, Marcin Ignac, panGenerator + Paweł Cyrta.
Topics: “IOS – My first App,” “Processing” and “panGenerative sound
and image shaping.”
18.00 – 21.00 – third presentation round.
Speakers: Przemyslaw Pawlak, Paweł Janicki, Maciej Ożóg, Przemyslaw
Jaworski, Marcin Ignac, Dariusz Lis.
21.00 – NONSTATE concert
22.00 till 3.00 – Mapping and Flylight Video Display, Party with a DJ.

Sunday, 21.08
11.00 – 18.00 – the second part of the workshops beginning on Saturday.
19.00 – 20.00 – presentation of the outcomes of our work.


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