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FAKE as T.A.Z. in the field of ART and SCIENCE

Relation of science and art have two diferrent main streams. One of them is result of the methodology, and second result of scientific research. Usualy artists are loosing energy to gain poor scientific effects, ready known by the science world but exhibited as artistic object, so in fact it is ready made object. My idea of fake as art is based at intelectual level of constructing interesting results for the culture and then connecting them to sciences. The vision of media art can be seen for the artists like the cage of technology, and structures that are not valid in field of art, but they are valid only in one of fields of culture, one called science. So fake is utopic temporary autonomy zone of independency, absurd, emotion and freedom. I dont care about process of constructing bacteria with transcripted genetic code of digitalised Genesis. It is for me great gesture, that had changed the art world like Duchamp’s Mona Lisa, with many layers for interpretation, but I dont need the phisical object and fact – I need just some fake! For me the true nature of art is all that fake I can see in the screen, in this empty test-tube, and in all descripted idea! The same with the ears on the hand, luminiscent rabbits, or fake body-artists blood in the stage. I dont care about “true” or not “true” pain – I reduce the world to this what I can see, what is the context, idea, visual layers, and unidentified emotions connected with the art, but the art itself is a fake, prepared for me to gain analitic, contextual process of thinking about the culture, sicence, body etc.

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