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★★★22/01/2012 CROATIA ★★★

★★ We all live in the TINA (There Is No Alternative) political time. Lie that was often repeated by Margaret Thatcher in the 80-ties about the neo liberalism is now transformed into a brutal EU faction. In TINA political time there is actually no time for understanding the process, it is automated and implemented largely outside society hidden in endless paragraphs. The only remnant that remains when TINA is divided with civil rights is actually the freedom of citizens whether to decide, to vote; to go out well-dressed on a referendum / festival of democracy and to elect. Since we all are in TINA political time, the question whether the Croatian citizens will also give legitimacy to the EU, is superfluous, because the answer already exists in an automated process of the infinite paragraphs.

★★Exhibition Re: REFERENDUM questions how TIA (There Is Alternative) works, what are its mechanisms, mental triggers, asks how is it possible. ExhibitionRe: REFERENDUM is a ride on the line TINA-TIA in which we question the fragile border crossing, the overcoming of automaticity, of subversion as a message between the lines as well as subversion as direct action, reaction, and act. 

★★★★ New Media Gallery invites YOU (artists, designers, architects, poets, writers, activists, citizens …) to submit your work to the exhibition Re: REFERENDUM and to go along with us on a long ride on the TINA – TIA line, with stops at next stations: Democracy, EU, Workers’ Rights, Tree of knowledge, Monetary union, Credit rating, Art in the Age of technical government, Recession, Cities to the citizens, Free will, DNA, Empire / Kingdom / Federation / Republic / Union, Nature and Society, European Added Value, Know-how, Unsustainable development, Referendum! 
NMG wants your Re:

★★★★★★★★★Apply now. ★

Application deadline 22/01/2012 ★★★★★★★★★

Online application: http://www.mavena.hr/index.php?lang=en

Contact: mavena@mavena.hr


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