Art that arises as a result of my further research, using the self-made apparatus of the dialogue, will discover the relationship between culture made present in the texts of culture, and their relationship with the cultures of other life forms, especially from bacterial cultures and broather cultures of unicellular, microorganisms, or microorganisms, parasites. Effect of the presence of bacteria can express themselves by building communities on the human level, or the exclusion of the human individual. The penetration of the bacterial culture is downright like the process of penetration into the culture of character, iconic, mental. Acquisition of bacterial cultures is a kind of initiation and somatic inculturation. The struggle between cultures is often a struggle between their germs. Man, as a child, starting with their social activity, is sentenced to multiple diseases, and therefore suffering resulting from the exchange of bacterial flora in the encompassing community. Outbreaks of disease and mutations in bacteria or viruses are stimulated processes of globalization.

home studio

Building the resilience of organisms associated with the appropriation and annexation of a variety of microorganisms inhabiting the human body. sometimes this is done by grafting, sometimes in a natural way. Starting or changing sexual partner is associated particularly for women with temporary ailments bacteriological nature – of course only until the domestication of a new culture of bacteria. Construction of a genetic mutation of bacteria and even dangerous strains of bacteria associated with construction of vaccines and antibodies. The inclusion of micro-organisms to the regulated public law giving the right to development requires exoethic, and the key element is transspecies communication. Multiplication of microorganisms, bringing together and kill them when preparing food (freezing, baking, boiling, frying) has the dimension of almost a ritual, and the effects of consumption of that sacrifice leads us to build extensive relationships anthropology – culture is about this gesture. My artistic practice is to seek out and disclose this type




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